• Designing the future to look after our past.

    Our innovative solutions provide life enhancing experiences for people living with dementia, their carers and their families. Find out what makes our work so exciting below


    We are HeadSpace Design and we believe looking after our past, leads to a brighter future.


    We are currently developing the most thorough and accurate non-invasive remote monitoring assistive technology product on the market today.


    Through innovative thinking, collaboration, and an unwavering passion to make a real positive difference to those who need it, we have conceived a truly distinctive and person centred solution.


    Every single person living with dementia is and should be valued, and deserves the human right to live a happy independent life in their own home for as long as possible. Our aim is to provide a vehicle to make this a reality for thousands of people who require assistive solutions worldwide.





    After years of volunteer work, working closely with those who live with dementia, and upon discovery that there were challenges we could address to improve the lives of people living with dementia, the idea for HeadSpace Design was born.


    Since then, we have grown to become a nationally and internationally award winning enterprise:


    2014 - SIE Young Innovators Challenge Winner

    2016 - Watt Ventures Finalist

    2016 - SIE Fresh Ideas Highly Distinctive Award Winner

    2016 - Converge Challenge Entrepreneurial Training stage complete

    2016 - SMART Accelerator Award Winner

    2017 - Converge Challenge Top 30 Finalists

    2017 - MediCity SPARK Bootcamp Winner

    2017 - BioCity DEVELOP Cohort Member

    2017 - Converge Challenge Entrepreneurial Spirit Winner

    2018 - Edinburgh Business School Accelerator Award Winner


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